Elementor AI Review 2024: Introduction For WordPress Users

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This blog post explores Elementor AI, a feature that allows you to generate images, text, and custom code for your WordPress Website using artificial intelligence.


Elementor AI is a powerful tool that can save you time and effort when creating content for your website. This guide will cover everything you need to know about Elementor AI, from its functionalities to how to get started using it.

What is Elementor AI?

Elementor AI is an artificial intelligence (AI) program integrated into the Elementor Pro website builder. It allows you to generate various types of content for your website, including:

  • Images
  • Text
  • Custom Code

Benefits of Using Elementor AI

  • Saves time: Generate content ideas quickly and easily.
  • Enhances creativity: Overcome writer’s block and get fresh ideas for your website.
  • Improves efficiency: Focus on other aspects of your website development while the AI generates content.

How Does Elementor AI Work?

Elementor AI uses a credit system. You receive a specific number of credits, depending on your subscription plan. Each generated content type consumes a certain amount of credits:

  • Text Prompt: 1 Credit
  • Image Prompt: 33 Credits
  • Container Prompt: 40 Credits

Getting Started with Elementor AI

  1. Subscription: Ensure you have Elementor Pro or Elementor hosting to access the Elementor AI trial.
  2. Credit System: Understand the credit system and how much content you can generate based on your plan.
  3. Elementor Settings: Activate the “Build with AI” and “Flexbox container” features under Elementor settings.

Generating Images with Elementor AI

  1. Drag the image element onto your webpage.
  2. Click “Create with AI.”
  3. Provide a detailed or simple description of the desired image.
  4. The AI will generate several variations based on your prompt.
  5. Choose the image that best suits your needs.
  6. You can further edit the image using additional options like background editing and object insertion.
generate images with Elementor AI

Generating Text with Elementor AI

  1. Drag the text editor element onto your webpage.
  2. Click “Write with AI.”
  3. Choose from various prompts like “Write a product description for” or “Create a blog post for.”
  4. Enter a short description of the desired text content.
  5. The AI will generate text based on your prompt.
  6. Edit and refine the generated text as needed.
  7. You can further customize the text using options like language translation and tone adjustment.
elementor ai text generator

Using Elementor AI for Custom Code

  1. Choose the appropriate Elementor widget for the desired code (e.g., HTML widget for embedding a downloadable file).
  2. Click “Edit with AI.”
  3. Provide a clear and concise prompt describing the code functionality.
  4. The AI will generate the code snippet.
  5. Copy and paste the code into your chosen widget.
generate code with elementor ai

Important Considerations

  • Prompt Quality: The quality of the generated content highly depends on the quality of your prompts. Clear and specific prompts yield better results.

Limited Code Editing: While Elementor AI can generate code, extensive editing might require manual coding knowledge.

Additional Tips

  • Experiment with prompts: Try different variations of your prompts to see what the AI generates.
  • Start simple: Begin with basic prompts and gradually increase complexity as you gain comfort.
  • W3Schools.com: This website is a valuable resource for learning more about CSS properties and animations.


Overall it’s a powerful tool that can significantly enhance your website creation process. By understanding its functionalities and limitations, you can leverage it to generate creative content and streamline your workflow.

Start exploring Elementor AI and discover how it can help you build a more engaging and effective website.

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