The Google Core Update of March 2024: Hidden Facts

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In March 2024, Google rolled out a major google core update that had a big impact on lots of websites. Unlike previous updates, this one has introduced more complex challenges for website owners and digital marketers. Despite the absence of AI-generated content on some affected sites, traffic has plummeted. Today, we’re going to dissect the reasons behind this sudden decrease and outline actionable strategies to mitigate the impact.

Understanding the Impact of Google’s March 2024 Update

Google periodically updates its algorithms to enhance the quality of search results. Although manual penalties have always been a concern, the latest update shows that algorithmic penalties can be just as detrimental. Websites across various niches are experiencing a drop in traffic, indicating that Google’s March 2024 update is at play.

Key Reasons for Traffic Decline

After a thorough analysis, five primary factors have been identified as causes for the decline in website traffic:

  • Backlinks
  • User Experience
  • Expired Domains
  • Poor Niches
  • Quality of Content

Let’s explore each factor in detail and discuss how you can address these issues.

1. Backlinks

people connection via backlinks


Google’s Spam Brain system is now more adept at identifying backlink spam. Websites engaging in aggressive backlink strategies, including purchasing links or obtaining them from spams sources, are being penalized.

google spam brain tool for spam backlink checking

Actionable Strategy: If your website has been penalized due to dubious backlinks, consider using Google’s disavow tool for links that were de-indexed or severely lost traffic post-update. This selective approach will help you clean your backlink profile without compromising valuable links.

2. User Experience

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This update places a substantial emphasis on the user experience, highlighting the significance of page performance and ad placement.

Actionable Strategy: Evaluate your site for excessive ads that hamper content accessibility and optimize page speed. Consider reducing non-essential plugins, upgrading hosting, and using a content delivery network (CDN) to enhance overall site performance.

3. Expired Domains

domain visual representation

Google is clamping down on the abuse of expired domains, which were previously used to capitalize on existing authority for quick gains.

Actionable Strategy: Use tools like the Wayback Machine to investigate the history of your domain. If you’ve unwittingly acquired a penalized expired domain, reach out to the Google Search Console Community for assistance in resolving the issue.

4. Poor Niches

women disappoint on low quality content

Websites focused on oversaturated or low-value niches may suffer due to this update, emphasizing the importance of unique and valuable content.

Actionable Strategy: Shift focus towards creating unique and high-quality content that provides genuine value to your audience. Rethink your niche if necessary, and aim to cover topics with a fresh perspective or unique insights.

5. Content Quality

blog quality content examples

The crackdown on AI-generated and poorly-sourced content underscores the need for originality and quality.

Actionable Strategy: Audit your website for any low-quality content, including AI-generated posts. Commit to producing original, well-researched, and high quality content that stands out in your niche.

Final Thoughts

Recovering from the March 2024 Google Core update requires a thoughtful and measured approach. By focusing on building a robust backlink profile, enhancing the user experience, responsibly selecting domains, choosing unique niches, and prioritizing content quality, you can navigate the challenges posed by this update.

Remember, patience is key. The full effects of the update may take time to manifest, and hasty changes could do more harm than good. Keep monitoring your site’s performance, adjust your strategies as needed, and maintain a focus on providing the best possible value to your audience.

As always, stay informed and stay ahead.

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